CNN’s Jim Acosta Runs His Fat Mouth At Sarah Sanders – She IMMEDIATELY Shuts Him Down

CNN reporter Jim Acosta spent all of 2017 trying to destroy President Donald Trump with fake news. This week, however, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made it clear that she has no intention of allowing Acosta to continue doing this in 2018.

Bizpac Review reported that during Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Sanders leveled Acosta in an exchange about border security. The briefing came immediately after Trump made the unprecedented move of allowing ng the press to attend nearly an hour of a bipartisan meeting at the White House discussing immigration. Reporters were allowed to observe and film the meeting, which would normally have been conducted behind closed doors, as nearly a dozen Republican and Democrat members of Congress negotiated immigration reform, border security and related issues.

During the briefing that followed the meeting, a smug Acosta asked if the “wall has to be part of a deal” in border security, to which Sanders responded that border security “has to be part of the process,” although it “doesn’t necessarily mean a physical wall.” Acosta responded by pressing the issue, arguing the difference between border security and a wall.

“The safety and security of the people of this country are the president’s number one responsibility and his number one priority when it comes to anything that he does,” Sanders said.

“You understand how a wall could be different from border security, Sarah?” Acosta fired back as things heated up.  “Border security could mean drones, it could mean agents, it could mean more fencing, it doesn’t necessarily mean a physical wall.”

“And that’s part of the negotiation that we expect Congress to have,” shot back at him.

“You understand Democrats are saying they may not be in favor of this kind of deal?” he asked, unknowingly setting up Sanders for the final blow.

“If Democrats aren’t in favor of protecting American citizens, I think we have hit a sad day in American history,” she fired back. “But I don’t believe that to be the case. Because as many of them say as they sat around the table when several of you were in the room, they are committed to border security, they do want it, and most of them voted for it previously before this legislation hit the floor.”

Though Acosta made one last effort to push back, Sanders was not having any of it.

“Jim I’m not negotiating with you,” Sanders concluded.  “I’ll let Congress take care of that.”


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