Megyn Kelly Facing Possible CANCELLATION After What She Just Did On Live TV

Ever since Megyn Kelly’s NBC morning talk show premiered in the fall, she has struggled in the ratings department. Now, Kelly is facing possible cancellation after she said something on her show that triggered viewers and caused her to be hit with a barrage of backlash.

The New York Post reported that on her show on Thursday, Kelly revealed that her secret to staying thin in law school was to have her stepfather fat shame her. Kelly recalled that while studying at Albany Law School in the 1990s, she asked her stepfather, Peter Kirwan, to fat-shame her whenever she wanted to eat.

“Some of us want to be shamed!” Kelly said. “When I was in law school, I was gaining weight, I said to my stepfather, ‘If you see me going into that kitchen one more time, you say, ‘Where you going, fat ass?’ And it works!”

Kelly was interviewing 37 year-old mommy blogger Maria Kang, who got accused of body shaming when she posted a photo of herself (looking toned) and her three kids on Facebook, captioned “What’s your excuse?”

Kelly immediately got backlash from viewers for her comments:

While there is certainly nothing offensive about what Kelly said, she should have known this was coming on a politically correct liberal network like NBC. If she didn’t want her viewers to be “offended” and “triggered” by comments like this, she should have stayed at Fox News, whose fans have enough sense not to let something as silly as this bother them. Sorry, Kelly, but you signed up for this when you joined a network whose viewers are liberal snowflakes!

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