Michael Wolff Gets STEAMROLLED by Meghan McCain on ‘The View’: ‘YOU’RE A PATHETIC LIAR’

After making a series of outrageous and unfounded claims about President Donald Trump in his new book “Fire and Fury,” Michael Wolff has been making the rounds of the mainstream media as he’s praised by liberal reporters and anchors. Meghan McCain, however, wasn’t having any of his nonsense when he appeared on “The View” on Wednesday morning.

The National Review reported that McCain called Wolff out on the many errors in his new book. The book contains countless stories of dysfunction within the Trump administration over the last year, most of which reflects poorly on the president and those surrounding him. However, the facts of the book have been called into question, including the validity a number of the quotes and stories he ascribes to individuals both in and out of the White House.

“You know, Michael, your credibility is being questioned. Trump says the book is full of lies-” McCain began before Wolff interrupted her to ask who is questioning his credibility.

“Let me finish,” McCain shot back. “New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, New York Times’ John Martin, David Brooks, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Tony Blair, Tom Barrack, Kate Walsh, Anna Wintour all denying quotes. . . . There are a lot of factual errors in here . . . How can I trust some of these quotes when, again . . . all these people are denying these quotes and stories attributed to them?”

“Well, you have to look at the great number of people not denying them,” Wolff protested, going on to insist “The New York Times is going into some amount of apoplexy about this probably because I kind of scooped them.”

When Wolff later admitted that he had quoted material from an ostensibly off-the-record dinner he hosted at his home with Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon, McCain lamented, “This is why people hate journalists, by the way. It’s why I don’t believe in the concept of ‘off the record,’ this right here.”

A visibly uncomfortable Wolff stumbled through the rest of the interview, refusing to address the other errors McCain mentioned as well as the fact that a laundry list of prominent individuals are denying having made the comments Wolff ascribes to them.

In the end, McCain exposed Wolff’s unwillingness or inability to account for the many errors in his book. The the mainstream media is desperate to believe Wolff’s outrageous claims, it’s clear that the book really is full of lies.

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