Monica Lewinsky Reemerges – DROPS FRESH NUKE ON CLINTONS

Hillary Clinton has been left humiliated this week as a new book has revealed that Bill Clinton may have cheated on her with Monica Lewinsky because of her failure to pass healthcare reform.

Daily Mail reported that Bill might have sought “solace” in the arm of his young White House intern after Hillary bungled what should have been the biggest achievement of his first term in office. In his book Partner to Power: The Secret World of Presidents and Their Most Trusted Advisers, author and former senior adviser to Congress K. Ward Cummings says that Bill “no longer trusted” Hillary, who he entrusted with the policy, while she withdrew into a prolonged depression.

Cummings paints a scathing portrait of a president and a first lady who failed because “compromise was not part of their vocabulary.” He wrote that they were hampered by characteristics that would later haunt Hillary’s presidential run; their “intense secrecy, the unhealthy nature of their personal power sharing, and their insistence on treating healthcare reform like a war in which everyone was either their friend or their foe.”

He went so far as to say that guilt was the “driving psychological influence” in their marriage, as Bill felt it for his philandering and Hillary used it to get what she wanted. This unhealthy dynamic caused Hillary to become “addicted” to her husband who rebuffed her and then came to her to be rescued, giving her the love that she craved.

Cummings wrote that Hillary “stretched the boundaries of the Office of the First Lady more than anyone in history.” He explained that Bill thought Hillary was “essential to his success” after she helped him win a second term as Arkansas governor.

“Bill had become deeply and unhealthily dependent on Hillary and she developed a similarly profound sense of entitlement for helping to turn his career around,” Cummings wrote. “She felt she had earned the right to be regarded as a partner to his power.”

“Placing her at the helm of his signature program was an expression of their new power-sharing arrangement,” Cummings continued, adding that this turned out to be a “gross miscalculation that he would deeply regret. As the saying goes, a team, like a chain, is only as strong as its weakest link. The Clinton partnership in the White House would prove this as the flaws of their dysfunctional marriage.”

“Hillary would not alter her strategy because she believed herself to be totally in the right,” Cummings wrote. “The moral confidence she felt made it easier for her to dismiss efforts by others who wanted to steer her towards compromise.”

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