OPRAH SCANDAL EXPLODES – The Truth Is Out, and Her Presidential Dreams Are Over

Rumors have been swirling that former talk show host Oprah Winfrey is planning to run for president against Donald Trump in 2020 ever since she gave a speech at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night that brought members of the liberal Hollywood elite to their feet. Now, however, actor James Woods has put a stop to Oprah’s presidential dreams before they could even begin by putting out three damning photos from her past that will make people see her in a whole new light.

Western Journalism reported that Woods took to Twitter to call out NBC for declaring Oprah to “our future president,” exposing their own liberal bias.

He then shifted to calling out Oprah herself, posting three photos of the billionaire mogul with Harvey Weinstein, a known sexual predator. Oprah was close to Weinstein and undoubtedly knew of his inappropriate sexual behavior, which was an open secret in his circles. However, like the other self-important snobs of Hollywood, Oprah did nothing to stop him.

The most disturbing image of all appears to show Oprah reassuring singer Rita Ora as Weinstein reaches over to touch her.

Victims of Weinstein have said that Oprah was almost like an accomplice for Weinstein, with British actress Kadian Noble said that he used Oprah and model Naomi Campbell to fool her into believing he would further her acting career. Noble met Weinstein in 2014 at a British Academy Film Awards after-party, where he introduced her to Oprah and Campbell, before telling Noble that he had an interest in her acting ability.

Noble remembered that she was impressed by Weinstein after she witnessed Winfrey “swinging off his arm.” Instead of helping Noble, however, Weinstein only wanted sex from her.

These three photos make it clear that Oprah is not the warrior for women that she pretends to be. Like Hillary Clinton, Oprah turned a blind eye to sexual assault when it was happening right under her nose. Do we really want someone in the White House who was good friends with a serial rapist like Weinstein?

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